A little bit about me…

I am a Georgia girl. I’m not married and have no children except my less than one year old Black lab Nelson (named after Willie – My last sweet boy was named Cash as in “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”. I didn’t name him but I thought it would be fun to name my new sweet boy similarly after a country singer –   I am from the South after all.) Nelson and I are avid Georgia Bulldog fans! Go Dawgs!

Market Research – Focus Groups and such –  is my daytime job. But, as I am a night owl, at night I like to do something more creative. I am a person that loves to learn new crafts so I have done a lot of them from knitting , to jewelry making, to scrapbooking/card making, etc… However, jewelry and cardmaking are my passions.

Purple House came from a funny dream I had a long time ago. It involved a friend and I owning a business in a purple house. In this magical house, we hosted birthday parties and taught classes. We had tea parties, jewelry making parties, scrapbooking parties, etc. (in the dream, they were mostly girly parties but in a purple house, I guess that makes sense.) Every room had a new adventure.

When I woke up, I couldn’t wait to tell her. She loved the idea and we have longed for our purple house every since then. She helped me set up this blog (she is the one with the computer savy in our group) and it seemed like a fun idea to name it “My Purple House”…who knows what adventures it will hold!


2 thoughts on “A little bit about me…”

  1. Hope you have fun on your New Adventure!
    Great name for a blog~I love purple


  2. Very impressed! I hope you have great success in your endeavor!


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