I have had today’s main image colored up for a while. I have actually colored it twice because I fell in love with the first one and just couldn’t cut it as was the original plan.img_7541

When I colored it the second time, I felt it was no longer meant for the verse I had been praying over. The more I looked at it, the more I felt that the image and the sentiment was too big for one verse – it was meant for all my verses. The prayer to help me grow according to God’s Word really spoke to me, I mean this is one of the main reasons I Bible journal. I want to spend time in the Word and I want to grow in It.

Soooo I decided to put it in the front of my Bible to remind me EVERY time I open my Bible that this is no simple book, but the Word of God, and that the time I spend in it, is my time to grow closer to Him and to praise Him in doing so.snss-your-word

My final page ended up using one main stamp and pieces from a couple of others:

kh-sns-16-049-livingword__63865-1486737012-350-350 ks-sns-17-015thegoodnews__13030-1488303289-1280-1280 sns-17-006standtall__20715-1484238800-1280-1280

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you were inspired.