Merry Christmas too you! I hope your day was blessed with friends and family and the love of Jesus. I know mine was!

Today I have a fun Christmas project to share. (Please forgive the picture – I didn’t get it into my computer and edited before it was given away and there were no do-overs.) My family is full of bakers and every year, they give out baked goods. I, however, am not a baker so several years ago I came up with a gift using my talents…crafts. I create a thumbprint ornament with the kiddos in the family and that is what I give to parents and grandparents instead of cookies.

This year I have been so busy at work that I decided to do a single ornament for all the kids in each family instead of individual ornaments and it turned out so cute! I used Christmas Pine from Sweet N Sassy Stamps, then turned their thumbprints into the ornaments.

I think it is a hit with everyone – they make sure I going to do it each year and the ornaments of their thumbprints growing each year are so much fun to see. (who needs cookies right?)


Have a great one and thanks for stopping by!